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For many, many years it has been my ultimate dream to have my own e-card system. Now that Charming Harmon is somewhat expanding it seemed the right time for me to make it happen, I just didn’t know how to do it. And there I was, thinking that my level of intelligence would be somewhat higher, lol.

So I contacted the people from my hosting provider Neostrada, explained my situation and asked if they could be of any help. Lo and behold! The day my financial people gave me an okay to spend the money on it I had my own e-card system!

There is no way in this world to describe just how incredibly happy I am now! I have been dabbling in the world of website making for about, meh, 15 odd years or so? And for all those years I’ve wanted it so badly. I have been googling until I saw blue in the face to find out how to do it myself and I just couldn’t get it to work.

So, a HUGE shoutout to my peepz from Neostrada, especially Sven, who has made this work for me. And my financial peepz from Stichting Bofet, for allowing me to spend my hard earned money on this. Okay, after a third degree, but let’s just forget that, haha.